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20 Years Of Passionately Standing Up For Workers

If your employer treated you unfairly, you may feel as though you have no foundation on which to fight your claim. That can be the unfortunate reality of working in corporate America. You need to work with an attorney who can bring you onto an equal playing ground.

When you contact my firm, Law Offices of David S. Secrest, that is what you will find. From my office Santa Barbara, I represent clients throughout the greater Southern California area in employment law matters. I represent individuals involved in employment disputes or who have been victimized by illegal conduct in the workplace.

Learn more about my background:

I have practiced for more than 20 years, handling hundreds of cases and claims from the initial intake through the litigation process. I have also litigated against more than 50 Fortune 500 companies and achieved settlements in excess of $1 million and a jury verdict of $1 million.

Technologically Advanced For Cutting-Edge Representation

My practice is technologically advanced, which allows me to compete with and against larger defense firms, major corporations and governmental entities. In the current era, most of the litigation process involves disseminating, colatting and transmissing of vast amounts of electronic data, all which require screening. I rely on sophisticated computer programs to streamline the complex discovery process. This makes it possible to maximize potential results for my clients and expedite the litigation process in a favorable way.

Stand Up For Your Rights – Make A Free Consultation

I can rapidly and effectively screen your case and discuss its potential value in a personal meeting, phone call or electronic communication. During this free initial consultation, I offer a confidential conversation to help determine the most appropriate course of action for your case. Call 805-308-7470 or send me an email to schedule your free initial consultation.