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Everyone Deserves To Work In A Hostility-Free Environment

If someone treats you with undeserved hostility on the street, there is sadly not always a legal remedy. But at your workplace, you have a legal right to work in an environment free of harassment, intimidation and discrimination. When you experience such treatment from a manager, co-workers or even from customers, you can and should assert your rights with a lawyer’s help.

Even if your employer is not directly responsible for the harassment you have suffered, they have an obligation to put a stop to such behavior. If your employer tolerates this illegal harassment or intimidation, they are complicit in the act and legally culpable.

At the Law Offices of David S. Secrest, I will help you understand your rights and how to use them to create the accepting workplace environment you deserve.

What Makes A Work Environment Hostile?

A hostile work environment can take many forms. Often it takes the form of sexual intimidation, or sexual harassment such as lewd looks, inappropriate jokes, unwanted touching or unwanted messages. Legally prohibited hostility also includes negative comments and hostile jokes about one’s religion, ethnicity, age or skin color.

Such behavior must be “severe or pervasive,” such that a reasonable person would find it unacceptable, in order to qualify for legal action. In our first meeting, I will help you assess the strength of your case, and together we will design an appropriate legal strategy.

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