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Disabled Workers Have A Right To Reasonable Accommodation

The American workforce is diverse in many ways, including its rich diversity in productive workers with varying types of physical and mental disabilities. Ever since the passage of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, disabled workers have had strong legal protections to protect them from exclusion and discrimination at the workplace, as well as in other settings.

Unfortunately, employers do not always recognize their legal obligations to disabled workers, and they choose to discriminate against disabled employees rather than offer legally mandated reasonable accommodations. This is especially true at large, faceless corporations and agencies where bureaucracy and efficiency are valued more than workers’ individual potential and ability.

If you think you may have experienced discrimination over a physical or mental disability, I can help you stand up to your employer and assert your rights. I will work closely with you to build a legal strategy based on your unique priorities, whether that is simply obtaining accommodations that will help you perform your job or holding an employer accountable if they have illegally retaliated against you for seeking such accommodations in the past.

Legal Advocacy Tailored To Your Needs

In some cases, my clients have a very clear idea of the accommodation they need before they enter my office. But if you’re not sure what accommodation you need or what you may be legally entitled to, I can help you understand what is considered a “reasonable” accommodation under the law. Some examples include:

  • Adjusted work schedules
  • Additional unpaid time off
  • Providing certain equipment that helps an employee do their job

I represent clients with both short-term and long-term disabilities – that includes pregnant women, whose rights in the workplace are also strengthened under disability protections.

Schedule A Free Consultation Today

If you’ve suffered any form of disability discrimination at work, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible – before the statute of limitations runs out on any legal violations your employer has committed.

At our first meeting, I will pay close attention to the details of your situation and explain exactly how I can help. In every case, my goal is to help you reach the best outcome possible while using your time and resources efficiently.

To learn more about your legal options, call the Law Offices of David S. Secrest at 805-308-7470 or contact me online. I represent clients in Santa Barbara and throughout the surrounding region, and I have focused on employment litigation for more than 20 years.