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Workers 40 And Up Have Legal Protections Against Age Discrimination

Age discrimination does not always get as much media attention as racial discrimination or sex discrimination, but it is just as much a violation of a worker’s legal rights and dignity when it occurs at the workplace. Workers who are 40 and older have specific legal protections, thanks to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. At the Law Offices of David S. Secrest, I will help you use every legal tool available to assert your rights and put an end to the discrimination you have suffered.

Recognizing Age Discrimination In All Its Forms

Age discrimination comes in many forms. You may see it in everyday “jokes” that play on negative stereotypes about older people, but it can also take a form that more directly interferes with your work and your ability to advance your career. Examples include:

  • Hiring practices that favor younger internal and external applicants
  • Failure to promote
  • Termination – especially when a terminated employee is replaced by a significantly younger person

Frequently, employers will take age-discriminatory actions as cost-cutting measures: for example, laying off a number of highly paid workers and replacing them with younger, less expensive employees. This cost-saving excuse can make it more difficult for a layman to prove that unlawful discrimination has occurred. As your attorney, I will help you identify the key details and will then build a strong argument in order to establish the discrimination you have suffered.

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