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Five forms of non-physical sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Sexual Harassment

No one should ever have to experience sexual harassment, in the workplace or elsewhere. Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer sexual harassment every year. In many cases, an employee can suffer from harassment without any physical touch taking place. Here are five forms of non-physical harassment that you may have experienced at work:

Verbal harassment

Sexual jokes, suggestive statements, unwanted invitations or advances or propositions can happen in a matter of moments. This form of harassment can also happen through sexualized language, innuendo, or derogatory comments involving physical appearance, sexual orientation or gender.

Nonverbal harassment

Harassment can happen without any physical contact or spoke words. Nonverbal harassment can appear as a lewd gesture, facial expression, physical action, leering or staring, winking or even displaying sexual imagery.

Quid pro quo

“Quid pro quo” is a form of sexual harassment that involves striking a deal in exchange for sexual favors. Your employer may offer you a raise, promotion, or other benefits in exchange for a sexual favor. Any type of exchange in this manner would qualify as quid pro quo harassment.

Hostile work environments

If sexual harassment is prevalent enough in a workplace, it can become a hostile work environment. When a workplace becomes full of sexual conversations, explicit images, unwanted sexual behavior or constant innuendos or comments, it is likely a hostile work environment.

Cyber harassment

Sexual harassment can even happen without the harasser even being in the same room. Sexual behavior through email, social media, or other digital forums in the workplace can all qualify as sexual harassment. Cyberstalking and harassment can also be forms of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Stay vigilant against sexual harassment

Sexual harassment can happen in many different non-physical forms in the workplace. By spotting these forms of harassment in the workplace, you will be better equipped to taking legal action and putting a stop to this kind of behavior.